Beautiful Outdoor Flagstone Patios & Fire Pits

A flagstone patio and fire pit is a perfect way to continue to enjoy the outdoors when temperatures start to drop. They not only add value to your home but are a perfect way to stay warm and cozy during South Texas winters.  Add some outdoor furniture and a BBQ pit and you’ve turned your patio into an outdoorContinue reading “Beautiful Outdoor Flagstone Patios & Fire Pits”

Landscape Design- It’s More Than Just Laying Grass.

Living in Texas we have the luxury of enjoying the outdoors all year-long. That’s why it is important to choose a landscape company that has design capabilities. Many factors go into designing your landscape – it is more than deciding what type of plants and grass to put in.  The core factors of any designContinue reading “Landscape Design- It’s More Than Just Laying Grass.”

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